Staff Biographies

Cindy Curry
(Early Childhood Educator III)

I have been in the field of Early Childhood Education for over 28 years. I graduated in 1989 from Assiniboine College with a diploma in Child Care Services. Since then I have taken many workshops and also attained diplomas in Studies in Aboriginal Chid Care and Early Childhood Program Management.

I have worked the front lines for many years as well as been a team leader, supervisor, and director of a group centre and a nursery school program. I also enjoy facilitating workshops and instructing at Red River College, Portage Campus in the Early Childhood Education program.

My husband and I have 2 daughters. Jordan and Randi


Stephanie McDougall (Early Childhood Educator II)

Hannah Schlebusch (Substitute)

Lisa Upward  (Substitute)

My interest in learning about children brought me to the daycare; first through volunteering and now through subbing. I love spending time with the kid and getting to know each of their personalities. Over time I’ve seen them grow and become more independent. This is also true for me; I feel that I have developed new skills that help me to provide better care for children, especially in a group setting. As some of you may know my niece Emily attends this daycare. It’s wonderful to spend time with her and it’s given me insight into her daily happenings.  Everyone at the daycare is respected, acknowledged, accepted, and given the opportunity to explore and play.

Some of my other interests apart from the daycare include baking, cooking, reading (health and wellness), spending time with my dog Brit, and coffee/tea with a good friend or watching one of my favorite television episodes.