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About Us

I have a deep passion for children and those who work with them. I want to share my passion and knowledge and inspire others along the way.  Children deserve the best care we can provide. I believe we need to stay current in the research and findings as well as understand the theory behind why we do what we do.

The workshops and coaching/ mentoring are based on current knowledge as well as grounded in proven research and theory. I believe we need to know where we came from to be able to go forward in our journey of professional growth and development. 

Our Blog

Schemas in Construction and Science Play

“Schemas are “a repeated pattern of action and behaviour, seen in many different areas of play. They become ‘established foundations for learning’.”       …
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Being Intentional. What does this mean?

I have a friend who decided to choose a word to be her mantra for this year. She choose ‘reduce’ and everything she has been…
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Building Fires with a Purpose.

The discussion about building fires in child care programs is growing as ECE’s are trying to spend more time outside as a way of dealing…
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