About Us

Children, Naturally  ELCC is a child-centred, play-based program because we know children learn best through play.

Our schedule gives the children long blocks of free play time for discovery. There are few transition times to allow them lots of time to create complex play themes, as well as the time to act them out. There is also flexibility within the schedule so if children are not ready to transition to another activity, we have the option to extend their play time.

Our program is a multi-age group program meaning children from 1 year to 6 years are together, and in turn develop a sense of confidence and competence knowing they are able to help others.

We offer a warm and welcoming home type atmosphere in which all children can feel safe and cared about. We greet each child and their families as they arrive, taking time to talk to each family. Children are seen as individuals and we accept  them for who they are. We ensure we spend time with each child everyday, encouraging them and talking with them. This helps us get to know each child on an individual level; their feelings, thoughts, interests, learning styles, developmental levels and abilities. This way we can plan further interactions as well as an environment and activities that meet each child’s development socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively.


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