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Coaching / Mentoring

I want to support and inspire others in their journey to grow in their knowledge and

Coaching / Mentoring

Workshops are great at providing us with new information, but then what? We often head back to our programs filled with inspiration, motivation, and our flames re-lit. We work hard at implementing this new information or technique but in time our flame fizzles out and we go back to the old ways we know.  How can we stop this cycle and keep moving forward in our professional journeys? With coaching and mentoring, we can take this new knowledge, and with support, practice implementing it. We can examine the challenges, look for solutions, and share this new journey, and all the successes with others. 

I have several package options that can be flexible and adapted to fit your program’s needs.

They contain visits to your program for observations, meetings with management and staff to create a plan, specific workshops, and continuing support through email and/or meetings. 

Let’s talk.