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Being Intentional. What does this mean?

I have a friend who decided to choose a word to be her mantra for this year. She choose ‘reduce’ and everything she has been doing is connected to reducing. This includes trying to reduce stress in her life and the stuff around her. She asked me if I had a word. I hadn’t thought about this but after some reflection, I noticed I had been using the word ‘intention’ and ‘being intentional’ a lot. I decided this would be my word.

Now What?

So now that I have this word, what does it actually mean? How do I live with intention and embrace being intentional?  As I thought about this I think about being intentional with my time both personal and professional, with my words to those I interact with, and with how I interact and engage with the staff and children in my care.

I used to rush through my day constantly thinking about what I had to do next. We needed to get the kids outside, we needed to get lunch ready, then we needed to get bed out, I needed to get ready for my next meeting, I needed to prep for the next workshop, and on and on….  I know I am a constant putterer. I have a hard time sitting still and an even harder time slowing my brain down. I would be exhausted at the end of the day from constantly moving and thinking about what’s next and what else do I need to do. I feel like I was missing a lot and using up a lot of time and energy.

What do my days look like now?

Now that I have embraced this new way I am intentionally slowing down and taking the time to breathe. I sit more and not just sit and daydream but sit and do more active watching and listening. I work hard on slowing my brain down and stop worrying about what is happening next that I need to get ready for. I am also more intentional with my time.  I work hard to create a plan that I stick to so I am not feeling like I need to constantly be rushing to get ready for that meeting or workshop. I am more prepared.

The effects?

I am amazed at the decrease in stress I am feeling. I am more prepared for each day including all the things that you can’t plan for. I know everything will get done, it just doesn’t need to be done right away. I also feel my interactions and connections with the children are stronger. It has brought my more joy! I breathe way more; slow, deep breaths! It feels good.

I am 6 months into this new way of bing. I think it will last longer than just the year. I am enjoying living being more intentional.

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