I offer a variety of workshops for all types of centres and groups. I believe in honest conversations and open dialogue in the groups.

I want to provide an atmosphere that the participants feel safe enough to ask questions and share their opinions. We all learn (including myself) every time we have an opportunity to network and talk with each other and we all come with a variety of experiences. Workshops are great opportunities to talk and share and realize others are experiencing the same issues as we are.

The atmosphere I aim for is positive, comfortable, and safe. I only have 2 rules in my workshops; respect each other and respect yourself. I have 2 goals for every workshop; have fun and learn something new.


Possible Workshop Topics:

Creating a Positive Environment          Learning Through Play         Using Your Curriculum Statement

Back to the Basics of Behaviour Management          Connecting with Parents

Emergent Curriculum & Documentation                               Exploring  Loose Parts


Creating a Positive Environment

We are so lucky! We get to spend our time with children. When our environment is positive and encouraging, we feel good about ourselves and the work we do. We can do wonderful things.  When the environment we work in is negative, it leaves us feeling tired and drained. Both types of environment affect the job we do. We will look at ways to help you create a positive work environment and in turn create a positive learning environment for the children in our care.

Learning Through Play

We know children learn best through play. How can we create a program that follows this belief?

We will look at the different activity centres, what children learn in each centre and how else we can set them up or what can we add to them to enhance children’s’ learning.

We will also investigate the schedules to ensure we are offering children enough time to create meaningful play.

Using Your Curriculum Statement

Do you know what your curriculum statement says? Do you know how it impacts the work you do with your children? Do you know who created your statement? Is it a document that sits in the file or is it something used for direction and guidance?

Our curriculum statements should reflect what we do in our programs. Every statement will be different because our centres are all different. We will go through your curriculum statements and look at ways to bring it to life within the work you do with children.

Back to the Basics of Behaviour Management

Whether you are new to the field or just feel like you need a refresher, it is always good to look how others deal with behaviour in your program.

Let’s look at some tried and true behaviour management techniques like redirection, but we will also delve deeper into techniques such as giving choices, identifying feelings, and problem-solving all while being respectful.

We will look at the rules our centres have, the expectations for children, their families, and the staff. We will also investigate how the environment and room arrangement affects children’s behaviour.

Connecting with Parents

Sometimes we forget parents are just as important in our programs as their children that we care for are. For us to better care for their children, we need to be able to connect with parents, share information, and be able to work together.

How do we make positive connections with parents? What do parents want to know?  What do we need to do to build these relationships?

We will look at ways to make these connections and in turn be able to provide better care for their children and be able to support our families.

Emergent Curriculum & Documentation

We will explore what emergent curriculum is all about and the benefits of it for children and staff. We will walk through the steps and look at how to document and share with peers and parents what the children are involved in and learning through being immersed in their play through emergent curriculum.

We will take away the fear of the unknown and make it fun!

Exploring  Loose Parts

Loose parts are a fantastic way for children to open up and explore their creativity and problem-solving skills. We will look at what loose parts look like, where we can find them at very little cost if any, and how they enhance our children’s development from infant to school agers!


Booking workshops

For information on booking workshops and the cost contact me through the contact section on the home page. I look forward to being able to work with your group or organization.