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Two Nutritious snacks covering three of the four food groups will be provided each day. The menus are posted on the parent board.

Parents of infants will be required to bring their baby’s food, formula and bottles, clearly labelled and put them in the fridge.

We are a nut aware facility.

Lunch Program

We offer a lunch program at the cost of $2.75 per day. Lunches will consist of homemade items made from scratch such as soups, stew, and casseroles.

Children will have the opportunity to help plan lunches and snacks and assist with some of the cooking and baking. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to:

  • begin learning about the effects of the foods they put in their bodies
  • nutrition
  • math and science through measuring and cooking
  • opportunity to try new foods, (children are more inclined to try new foods when they have been a part of making it and see other children eating it too)

There will be a form for signing up for the lunch program at the end of the registration form.

Menus will be posted for parents to see.