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The program and environment are designed to support children’s emotional development. The expectations and guidance strategies used are based on an understanding of child development and Circle of Security. We recognize that growing and learning means making mistakes and difficulties are a normal and expected part of children’s development. 

Staff work hard to develop strong relationships and connections with the children. With this secure base, children will feel more confident in going out to explore and interact with others knowing staff will be available for them to come back to as a safe haven. 

We are guided by three rules: 

  • Respect yourself
  • Respect others (children & adults)
  • Respect the learning environment, equipment & materials 

Guidance is handled in a positive manner…”We use inside voices so we don’t bother the other children working”…rather than “Quit yelling!” Limits are stated in a positive way. Children will be spoken to in a respectful way at all times. 

Opportunities are provided for children to make choices (practice decision making). This supports the development of self-control and minimizes frustration. Choices are not given when there are none. Appropriate behaviour will be model and encouraged. We are involved with, and available to, the children to help them clarify their words, actions and feelings to others. We will be with children as in using physical closeness (moving closer, standing or sitting beside) and touch (hand on a shoulder) to help get children back on track. We will provide comfort and help them organize their feelings.  

Conflict situations will be discussed with the children, and by providing alternatives and guidance, help them resolve disputes. The feelings of the children will be acknowledged. If children don’t have ideas for resolving the issue, some choices will be offered. 

    Children are usually taken aside and spoken to quietly. The focus is always on the         behaviour, not on the child’s character.

No physical punishment is used. No comments are made that may undermine a child’s self-respect. It is unacceptable to deny a child physical necessities.