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Children, Naturally Early Learning and Child Care is a licenced program based on the belief that children learn, grow, and develop best through play, exploration and discovery in a warm, comfortable, home like setting.



Quality care is the right of every child. Love, respect and concern are integral elements of this. Children should have first-hand experiences that foster growth and development in all areas -physical, social, emotional, intellectual and language skills.

They should be allowed to exercise their independence through exploration in a safe and stimulating environment. Development of creativity, self-confidence and a positive self-concept should be nurtured in children; as well as respect for others and the environment.

Staff possessing a warm and loving personality, must be knowledgeable of child development to be able to create a safe, positive, home-like learning environment. Through numerous experiences with children, staff becomes sensitive to the needs of the individual child. The ability to work well with others is important to the staff as a whole.


General Goals


Each child will:

1) develop large and small muscle skills and coordination

2) gain an understanding of his/her emotions

3) develop relationships with those around him/her

4) learn about the world around him/her

5) gain a sense of independence

6) develop a positive self-concept

7) acquire attitudes of respect for others and the environment

8) develop modes of creative thought and expression

9) expand language development and skills

10) become aware of her/his body and its potential

11) develop his/her sensory capabilities

12) have fun!


Staff will:

1) create a safe, positive, home-like learning environment

2) respect the individuality of children

3) plan a program that meets the philosophy/objectives of the daycare

4) encourage and engage in positive communication with the families

5) participate in on-going education

6) have fun!


The parents will:

1) understand the daycare’s policies, procedures and program

2) gain an understanding of their role in the daycare

3) participate in various aspects of the daycare program including ongoing communication

4) have fun!