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Celebrating I Love to Read Month

We have celebrated reading this month by having a several visitors come in and read to us. Some of our visitors brought favorite books from home and others choose from a few from a selection we had picked out that we knew the kids loved.

We started the month off with Teresa, a friend of Randi’s.
Mayor Ferris
Travis Roberts from 93.1
Avrie’s Mom, Tannis

In the next week we had 3 more visitors.

iphone 072
Julie Baker from Trinity United Church
iphone 083
Ben’s Mom, Rachele
iphone 097
RCMP Constable Crystal Perry


The last week was just as busy.

iphone 123
Corey Jowett, a captain with Portage Fire Department
iphone 180
Thomas and Evelyn, 2 paramedics from our local EMS
iphone 172
iphone 190
Lori from Portage Regional Library, who is also Jacob’s Mom

All our kids love to read. We always have books out and around for anyone to pick up at any time. Many of the kids enjoy snuggling up on the couch with a blanket and a good book!  The babies are just as excited to find a favorite and sit down with one of us and read. I am sure we could have 12 copies of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom here!

A few ways books enhance kids development:

  • Kids learn that the marks on the pages are letters and the letters make words.
  • Kids learn small muscle control and how to hold a book
  • Kids learn direction; front to back / up to down
  • Kids learn respect for books
  • books encourage language development and conversations
  • books open kids up to enjoy stories
  • kids imaginations begin to create their own stories
  • books are a great opportunity to develop special bonds and traditions with your kids

So pick up that well loved favourite, snuggle up and enjoy a good read together!

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