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I Love the Circle of Security!! (now let me tell you why)

If you have read any of my ramblings, you know I love to learn. Last year I received an email from Manitoba Early Learning and Child Care inviting people to apply to take this new training that was being offered. It was explained as being important for us as early childhood educators because it focused on relationships with children and then being better able to help them with their emotional challenges rather than managing their behaviour. I jumped at the chance and applied!

In September I was off to the training. This was the first time I was ever exposed to Circle of Security. I discovered it has been around for about 15 years. It is based on years and years of solid research on attachment theory. It was mind blowing and mind overload all at the same time and I was hooked! I wanted everyone to have the opportunity to see what this program can do not only for the children we care for but for ourselves.

It was 4 days of intensive facilitator training with one of the creators of the program.  Then there was a 5th bonus day to help us see how to present this great information to other early childhood educators.

The Circle of Security is based on…. a circle! We are the hands on this circle, providing a secure base to support children’s explorations and to be the safe haven when they need us. This program challenges us to look at where we are comfortable on this circle and where we struggle to support the children we care for? 

Another benefit I got from this training is I am now able to provide the training for others. I have been able to facilitate groups and spread the word. I am always excited to talk with anyone who is interested in this program. 

The book written by the creators of Circle of Security:

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