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Random Acts of Kindness


The kids love to do things for each other. They also love to do things for other people.  Each month we talk with the kids and come up with people in our community to do Random Acts of Kindness for. In the past we have chosen the Portage Fire Department, EMS (Paramedics), the folks at Kitson’s Esso, and the staff at Portage Alliance Church.  If we can walk to deliver our RAK’s, we do that but if it is too far away  we ask them to drop in to see us.

In December we did a random act of kindness for the garbage and recycling collectors. We made them thank you cards and gave them Tim Horton gift cards. When they came for garbage and recycling pick up, we ran outside to give them their gifts.

With everything in the news this last while, our January RAK is for the RCMP. The kids baked Lemon Muffins and we had 2 constables come to the centre to pick them up.  The kids were able to give them to them with the picture they made.

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