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We are Puzzle Crazy!


 We have gone puzzle crazy around here! Before Christmas I bought several new 12 piece puzzles with pictures of heavy duty machines on them. They were a hit!! Several of our ambitious 2 year olds stepped up to the challenge and concurred them in no time. I loved to see how proud they were of themselves when they completed them. When we returned after the Christmas break they were back at them.


When we first start working on puzzles we talked a lot about matching colours and lines, looking for similar shapes, and finding the straight edges. The kids are working on being able to see the picture come to together.

I love how in a multi age program the younger kids watch the older ones and want to do what the older ones are doing. They strive to be “just like them’. Now one of the 1 year olds has decided she wants to try those puzzles too! She is working very hard at them and beams when we get one done.  As I watched the kids complete these puzzles with increasing confidence I knew they were ready for a new challenge. I went in search of more puzzles last night and found a few. Today I gave them to the kids and watched them work at them and succeed!!

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